Our Mission Is:

"To perpetuate the historic skills of our frontier past and to teach, through re-enactment and preservation, an understanding of our rich, western heritage."

We are an organization of volunteers, dedicated to re-creating the days of old west Montana for the education and enrichment of all. Volunteers are the heart of our program and many of them are skilled and experienced artisans, re-enactors, equestrians, firearm experts, historians and preservationists.

Montana Wild West Fest

Among other things, we assist other like-minded Organizations and Events with financial support, exhibits and coordination. In 2010 we received the award for Outstanding Preservation Efforts from the Lewis and Clark Historic Preservation Commission.

If you would like to Donate or Participate in the Montana Living History Program, just click on the links to the left.  For any other information, please feel free to Contact Us.

Thank you.